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Referral Program

Wonder Lister offers one of the most rewarding referral programs available. Our Referral Program lets you earn some extra cash when you refer someone to become a paid member of Wonder Lister. All your referees have to do is to write your Wonder Lister User ID in the Referred by User Id box when they register for Wonder Lister.

You will receive 20% of their monthly subscription payment for a total of 5 billing cycles as long as your referee remains a paid user of Wonder Lister.

The payout amount will be computed based on the net payment (Total payment less processing, handling charges and taxes) we receive from your referee during the billing cycle. The amount due to you will be posted as a credit to your Paypal account in United States Dollars.

You referred Net Payment made by user during the previous billing cycle
User 'A' $50
User 'B' $75
User 'C' $25
Total we received $150
Credit to you for the current billing cycle 20% of $150 = $30
Total Credit to you over 5 billing cycles $150

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