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Why Wonder Lister?


Export your data for Amazon, Magento, Shopify, Etsy and others.


Import Products, Listing Templates & Listings using a CSV file


Bulk Features

Bulk Duplicate, Lister, Relist, Edit & Change Item Specifics

Consignor Selling

Define Consignors, Payout Policies, Automatic calculation of commission


Single Page Listing Editor

Create, edit, relist & duplicate listings with ease

Order Management

Pick List, Track shipments, Customize and Print Invoices

Direct from our Customers

Hi guys, We are just killing it with WonderLister. The software is moving mountains for us. I think our revenue is up 200% in the last 60 days and there is no end in sight. There are at least 100 ways in which WL is better than any tool on the planet, and we are just getting started. My partner had their first successful Amazon Upload this week with new products created on Amazon with zero errors. The custom fields and Field Mapping made it possible to dump 200+ columns right into their Upload Tool without any edits or changes. I cannot describe the JOY I feel right now. Thanks again for EVERYTHING :-)


Business Owner

I just realized that in the 2 years I've had data in WonderLister, I have really not lost a single piece of data or experienced data corruption. I had that one issue back last fall, but this was due to me moving SQL and having problems with PC issues, I cannot attribute this to WL. In Blackthorne, we were having to "de-corrupt" the database on a weekly basis, and in SixBit there were always "ghost ads" or disappearing ads. Every cloud based solution has been completely unusable in the long term (Auctiva, Vendio, SolidCommerce, Linnworks, etc). I never had any confidence that my data was safe & secure in any solution before now. I really do trust WonderLister and now I realize that if I can't see data that doesn't mean its not there, which was never the case before!! Really great work, it is so truly refreshing to finally have a good piece of software to build and run my business. As of tonight I finally have my data under control, my Ebay Store is organized and I am just sitting down with a 3rd listing person tomorrow who will be working extensively in WL. I have made 1,000's of revisions this weekend without a single hiccup! Network speed is IMPRESSIVE. I am running 5 pcs 24/7 against the database on a 6th pc and we fly through our data as fast as we can "click, type, & scroll". Great work guys, see the results here: http://stores.ebay.com/3rd-Venue My goal is to put up 1,000-2,000 more ads by the end of the month, and be running 5,000+ by June. Good night, Jay

Jay (3rd-venue)

Business Owner

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