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I am a power seller on eBay and had tried every listing tool our there. Nothing could deal with the volume of sales that I have to manage. Then came to Wonder Lister. It's the only desktop listing program that could handle my listings and all my content.
- Sandy
"I would highly recommend using Wonder Lister. Easy to use and has a lot of good features like single page listing editor, bulk lister, bulk editing, custom views, user defined folders, inventory management, sales tax reporting and so on."
- Jack
"Wow....this is really a powerful program you've written here. I'm so excited to start using this. I'm amazed you've made it possible to change the price of an active listing in the grid and it updates the listing automaticlly. You've got a lot of other features I wouldn't have thought about having that will save me time. Thank you for the help you gave me getting setup. I've tried just about every program out there and have not been happy for so many reasons. After years of searching it seems like I might have found what I was looking for. Can't tell you how happy I am. Thanks"
- Matt
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